DARTS Sciences offers (1) unbiased proteome-wide drug target identification using state-of-the-art proteomics and mass spectrometry technologies, (2) specified protein target binding assays for your drug of interest, and (3) drug screening against “undruggable” therapeutic targets.

Therapeutic TARGETs

Do you know your drug's mechanism of action?


Would you like to be able to predict its side effects?


What if you could anticipate repurposing indications for your drug?


Whether you have a single drug or sets of lead compounds, DARTS Sciences will devise the optimal approach for investigating their therapeutic targets, side-effect “off targets”, and repurposing targets.

DARTS is advantageous because it can be performed using lysates from any cell or tissue type. We can also perform DARTS after subcellular fractionation to delve further into the binding targets of your compound in nuclei, mitochondria, or membrane fractions.

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